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We are the duo that will help you and your dog succeed


Dianna specializes in private, one on one training sessions using positive based methods to build a training program tailored to fit each dog. She understands that no two dogs are alike and that each dog needs to learn at his own pace.

Having grown up with a nervous dog, she takes particular interest in dogs with fear-based issues, and works to help them, and their owners, gain confidence so they can succeed in life.


Watson is Hounds’ Assistant-in-Training. He was found tied up in the yard outside an animal shelter. He is sound sensitive, suffers from mild separation anxiety and can be nervous of new people.

His training is progressing well and he is no longer sensitive to all the sounds of the world outside our home, except fireworks. Fireworks are his nemesis. His sweet nature lets him make friends easily and he loves other dogs. Most of the time he is a laid back boy just looking for his next treat.

Does your dog jump up to greet guests? Pull on the leash? Is your dog fearful, or suffer from separation anxiety? Are you envious of the well behaved dog down the street?

Good behaviour doesn’t happen overnight!

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